2016 Wage and Compensation Information

The basic wage and compensation information for Plan Year 2016 must be submitted to the Plan Office no later than January 31, 2017.

In the past, data has been received in various formats and media, making the testing process cumbersome. The Trustees have authorized standardization of the reporting format for the 2016 testing. Beginning with the 2016 year-end information, this data must be submitted in electronic format, preferably in Microsoft Excel.

For your convenience, and to ensure the consistency of data, a reporting template has been created. The template is available by clicking on the following link:

ADP 2016 Employer Reporting Template

Please download this spreadsheet and save it to your system, then use this format to update your company's 2016 data. When filled out, e-mail the completed spreadsheet directly to pkelly@mebaplans.org.

*Note: In order to protect personal member information, your file must be password protected.

The descriptions for the required data fields for each employee are as follows, and can be found on the "Column Description" tab of the downloaded spreadsheet.

Column # Field Heading Description
A Member SSN Social Security Number
B Lanst Name Employee Last Name
C First Name Employee First Name
D Wages for Year Total Compensation for 2016 as shown on the 2016 W-2 Box 1.
E Pre-Tax Contributions Actual Pre-Tax Contributions made to the MEBA 401(k) Plan in 2016 shown on 2016 W-2 Box 12, Code D (This should include pre-tax contributions, collectively bargained employee directed cintributions if the employee elected to dirct these contributions as 401(k) contributions, and catch-up contributions).
F Roth Contributions Actual Rith Contributions made to the MEBA 401(k) Plan shown on 2016 W-2 Box 12, Code AA
G After-Tax Contributions Actual MEBA 401(k) After-Tax Contributions made in 2016.
H Employer Matching Contributions Actual Employer Matching contributions made to the MEBA 401(k) Plan.
I MEBA Employer Alpha Code If known, populate this column with your 5-character code as assigned by MEBA. This code can be found on the report provided to each employer by the Plan Office showing embers reported for the Plan Year (optional)

Data must be submitted using this template.

If you have and questions, contact Patty Kelly at the Plan Office (410)547-9111

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