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- SARs-CoV-2 and COVID-19 diagnostic testing, and items and services furnished to the Eligible Employee or Dependent during healthcare provider visits (including in-person visits and telemedicine visits), urgent care center visits, and emergency room visits and telemedicine visits), urgent care center visits, and emergency room visits to obtain such testing. The Plan shall pay 100% of such testing, items and services, subject to certain conditions described in the Plan Document. Coverage, with no cost-sharing, is limited to the period covered by the public health emergency declaration associated with COVID-19. UPDATED 2/22/21

– Plans is not electing the Payroll tax deferral - The payroll tax deferral provided under the President’s Executive Order provides for the deferral of certain tax withholding until 2021.  Please note, the Executive Order provides only for the deferral of the taxes; it is not a waiver of your tax withholding obligation. The payroll tax deferral is optional at the election of the paying agent (employer or Plan).  Because of the increased administrative burden associated with implementing the payroll tax deferral and the increased tax withholding that will be required to be applied to wages paid in 2021 to recoup the deferral, the Trustees have decided not to implement the withholding at this time.  Since the Plans are not deferring withholding taxes, the taxes will continue to be withheld from your wages and remitted to the IRS as usual. 

- MEBA Plans email security update – in an effort to protect your private data, MEBA Plans has changed our encryption vendor from Barracuda to Mimecast.  If you are expecting an email from the plan office and receive an email  from Domain postmaster address <>, then you will need to click on the link and set up a password to sign in and get your email.  Once you have set up your password, you can access secure emails from the plan office.  You do not need to set up a password every time.  If you have forgotten your password, there is a link to request a new password.

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